Invoice Finance Arranged - Steel Fabricator: £200k Invoice Factoring

Another business funded with a factoring facility!

As invoice finance continues to prove a popular cost-effective alternative to traditional bank facilities for businesses up and down the country, we're delighted to reveal the details of one of our new clients that took out an invoice finance facility with us this week.

Featured Business:

The company, based in South Yorkshire, was in need of a cashflow solution that was both flexible and sustainable, something that an invoice factoring facility is able to provide.

They also liked the fact that we are an independent company. Due to this, we’ve been able to develop a culture that runs throughout every aspect of our business that helps to create wealth and jobs throughout the UK

Flexible Invoice Finance

Here at Skipton Business Finance, we strive to deliver invoice finance solutions that fit around each individual business that we deal with.

The philosophy of our whole company is set up with the aim of helping our clients grow their businesses, so tailoring the right solution for the right company is of paramount importance.

If our clients grow and consequently issue more invoices then ultimately we also see success, it’s a two-way relationship which requires both ourselves and the client to work in harmony to ensure mutual benefits.

Why not give us a call on 01756 694933, drop us an email at or take a look around our website to find out more about how invoice finance works.