Invoice Finance Arranged - Safety Solutions Company: £100k CID

Another business funded with a confidential invoice discounting facility!

Featured Business:

The firm, based in East Yorkshire, had been searching for an external finance solution that would enable them to release thousands of pounds worth of cash they had tied up in unpaid invoices.

Having already paid for and provided their services to clients without receiving payment, they often suffered from cashflow gaps. This had lead to ambitious growth plans being put on the back burner for a number of months.

With a confidential invoice discounting facility in place, money can be released from their unpaid invoices quickly and simply, meaning they can now receive all the benefits that healthy cashflow provides!

Get your own relationship manager

At SBF, we are pleased to boast an extremely low client-to-staff ratio. This consequently means that each and every one of our clients has direct contact with their own experienced Relationship Manager.

Our Relationship team are experts in invoice finance and have decades of experience helping SMEs up and down the country.

They offer our clients the time and focus they need to really get the most out of their facility.

Here’s a summary of why we feel our clients choose us to fund their business.