Invoice Finance Arranged - Recruitment Agency: £25k Invoice Factoring

Another business funded with a factoring facility!

Everyone at Skipton Business Finance is always pleased when a new client is announced and our expansion across the UK continues further.

As bank credit becomes harder to come by, our invoice factoring and invoice discounting facilities prove valuable to the hundreds of clients we have on our books.

Over the years, we have funded a wide range of businesses from many different sectors; from hauliers to recruitment agencies, clothing manufacturers to precision engineering companies, complete new starts to well-established businesses and market leaders.

Featured Business:

This particular client is in its early stages and therefore would have struggled to get credit from a bank. However, we recognised its potential and were able to offer it a full Factoring facility, to allow the company to function to the best of its ability without having to worry about cash flow.

This will enable the company to free its staff from spending valuable time on invoicing and chasing up payments; our team of experts will manage all aspects of credit control.