Invoice Finance Arranged - Recruitment Agency: £1.25m Invoice Factoring

Another business funded with a factoring facility!

Featured Business:

The growing business, based in London, had been relying on a constrictive facility with their bank that had limited their growth prospects in recent months.

Fortunately they heard about how invoice finance facilities such as invoice factoring are able to provide funding that increases in line with the growth of a business.

We look forward to working with our new client!

Alternative to bank funding

With more and more SMEs realising that bank funding may not be the best option for them when it comes to external finance, alternative solutions such as invoice finance are increasingly proving popular.

Invoice finance is just one alternative that allows businesses that work on an invoice basis to quickly get access to the cash they are due from their debtors.

With late payment culture heavily engrained in UK business, many SMEs may not see the money they’ve earned hit their account for up to 90 days. This can severely limit cashflow and put the business under cashflow pressure for long periods at a time, which can in turn restrict opportunities for growth.

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