Invoice Finance Arranged - Recruiter: £150k Invoice Factoring

Another business funded with a £150k factoring facility!

Skipton Business Finance is delighted to announce it has added another client to its books at the start of a new week:

This particular client is a phoenix of a previous recruitment agency who had been struggling to maintain adequate cashflow.

With the help of a flexible 150k facility, they no longer have to worry about where to find the cash to pay their staff weekly, and thus efforts can be focussed on taking on bigger and better contracts and helping the company grow.

The facility we have provided will also enable the company to free its staff from spending valuable time on invoicing and chasing up payments; our team of experts will manage all aspects of credit control.

Difficult year to come

As the first month of a tough year for the economy draws to a close, it becomes more crucial than ever that businesses up and down the UK keep their cashflow positive.

But with bank credit becoming harder to come by, it can be tricky for businesses to find the appropriate funding solutions to provide them with a financial boost.

However, there are other options for businesses to explore, such as factoring and invoice discounting facilities, which prove valuable to the hundreds of clients we have on our books.

Over the years, we have funded a wide range of businesses from many different sectors; from hauliers to recruitment agencies, clothing manufacturers to precision engineering companies, complete new starts to well-established businesses and market leaders... each with their own flexible and specially-tailored facility.

Why not get in touch with SBF today and see if our invoice finance solutions could be just the ticket you need for a bright 2012.