Invoice Finance Arranged - Printer: £350k CHOCS Facility

Another business funded with a £350k CHOCS facility!

Featured Business:

This client required a CHOCS Solution (see our extensive glossary of Invoice Factoring terms here) to assist with Cash Flow and ensure the business could take advantage of opportunities to expand its client base.

This Solution will enable the printer to use their own established credit control system to chase for payments, whilst also getting access to quick and simple finance from SBF for their Invoices.

We look forward to a long and successful relationship with our new client!

Alternatives to bank credit

There are plenty of different types of alternative business finance available to the UK’s businesses.

As bank credit has become less accessible and increasingly expensive, many business owners are exploring other options in their search for their perfect external funding solution.

Invoice Finance Solutions generally benefit those businesses who issue Invoices and sell services or products to other businesses. It provides a flexible Cashflow and grows inline with a business, so the more Invoices you issue, the higher the amount of cash available!

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