Invoice Finance Arranged - Plastic Moulders: £250k Invoice Discounting

Another business provided with an invoice discounting facility!

Featured Business:

The firm, based in Buckinghamshire, required an invoice discounting facility to ensure that cashflow remained healthy, following issues it had been having with customers taking longer and longer to pay.

Previously the company had relied on a bank overdraft to help cater for inconsistent cashflow. However this had been withdrawn and left the business with financial issues.

We look working together with our new client!

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Is your business in need of cashflow assistance over the summer? Happy that your current bank facility is providing you with enough flexibility and security?

If you're not sure, questions you could ask of your current funding system include is it working as well as you’d hoped when you took it out in the first place? Is it providing you with enough capital? Do other alternatives exist that could better suit your business?

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