Invoice Finance Arranged - Packaging Company: £40k Invoice Factoring

We've funded another business with a factoring facility in time for Christmas!

Skipton Business Finance is always delighted to be able to take a look at businesses who have been turned down by traditional financial providers, such as the banks, and see if we can help them with an alternative invoice finance solution.

Our flexibility and willingness to help many different types of business means we find a lot of our clients will have transferred from other finance providers to ourselves to benefit from our different ethos and attitude to providing funding.

And with the latest figures revealing that bank overdrafts and loans are getting more expensive and inaccessible, it can make financial sense to consider alternative funding options, especially if your current funding option, such as a bank loan or overdraft, is about to run out. Will you be able to extend your loan or overdraft, and if so, might it be costing more?

Why not check out our pages on invoice factoring and invoice discounting to find out just how the facilities work.

Featured Business

Today we can reveal the details of a business that did just that and transferred over to SBF from another provider:

This client required an invoice factoring facility to help increase their cashflow and provide them with the flexible capital they required, which they hadn’t got with their previous provider. We were only too delighted to be able to provide them with a tailored facility to match their requirements.

We wish our newest client every success in the future and look forward to seeing them grow!