Invoice Finance Arranged - Jewellery Wholesalers: £40k Invoice Discounting

Another business funded with an Invoice Discounting facility!

Featured Business:

The company, based in West Yorkshire, required an invoice discounting facility to help release thousands of pounds of cash it had tied up in unpaid invoices.

With an invoice finance facility in place, the business can now look forward to all the additional benefits having increased cashflow can provide.

We look forward to building a prosperous relationship with our newest client!

What does the future hold for Skipton Business Finance and its clients?

We've continued to be a leading financier in the invoice finance market and are keen to maintain our position as a major, client-focussed organisation in the UK.

Our aim is to continue growing and developing our client-oriented business model whilst entering into new geographical areas through acquisition and natural expansion.

For example, just recently our Midlands office has moved across Birmingham into bigger premises, which will allow us to grow our Midlands team further.

So if you’re wondering whether or not to join us in our journey, and be part of a client-focused organisation that takes pride in knowing their business, then please do give us ring today on 01756 694933 and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your business finance requirements!