Invoice Finance Arranged - Homecare Provider: £50k CHOCS facility

Another business funded with a CHOCs facility!

As Christmas starts to edge closer and closer, there’s been no let-up in activity at Skipton Business Finance’s HQ and regional centres. In amongst hosting a corporate event to celebrate our Birmingham office’s 1st birthday, we’ve funded a number of new clients!

Featured Business:

  • Homecare service provider
  • £50k CHOCs facility
  • Provide working capital

The client, based in West Yorkshire, required a facility to help provide their business with a long-term sustainable cashflow boost.

We look forward to helping grow their business in the upcoming months!

Rise of alternative finance

As the volume of bank lending to small to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) continues to drop, many businesses are faced with uncertainty about how to access external finance.

There are a variety of alternatives out there which can provide busineses with a short-term boost of cash, but not many prove viable solutions for the long term.

Invoice finance is one alternative which can provide a sustainable, long-term cashflow boost. As it works to release the cash you’ve already earned but may have tied up in unpaid invoices, you’ll be getting money that is rightfully yours. This can help ensure that your business doesn’t lend too much money which it may not be able to pay back if problems arise.

Why not browse our website to find out more about how invoice finance work, or give us a call on 01756 694933 and speak to one of our experts.