Invoice Finance Arranged - Haulier: £40k Invoice Factoring Facility

Another business funded with a £20k invoice factoring facility!

Skipton Business Finance is especially proud of our close personal relationships with all our clients.

We therefore like to ensure regular communications occur between ourselves and every client, to keep us up to date with how things are going and ensure they are always fully satisfied with the facilities we put in place for them.

No matter how big or small the facility we provide, the client can be sure they get full support from our expert staff.

Since our formation almost ten years ago, we have helped a number of new businesses increase their cashflow, to ensure they have the correct amount of cash coming in to fund their business adequately and help it succeed in the long term.

Featured Business:

This client was looking for a full invoice factoring service to help improve their cashflow. This facility therefore provides them with a expert credit management service so they can focus on driving sales and forging relationships with customers without having to spend valuable time chasing up clients and worrying about when payment will come.