Invoice Finance Arranged - Haulier: £350k Invoice Factoring

Another business funded!

Skipton Business Finance strive to deliver flexible invoice finance that helps grow with the business of the client.

In over ten years, we have funded a range of different haulage companies in a variety of many ways and given access to funds through flexible invoice factoring and invoice discounting solutions.

This has allowed businesses to pay their drivers, ensure a healthy VOSA standing and to diminish the worry of paying fuel expenses without the stress of waiting until the next invoice is paid.

Featured Business:

We are very proud to have helped the following client with funding this week:

The company wanted to increase its number of vehicles in order to fulfill a higher rate of demand. Skipton Business Finance were able to provide a £350k factoring facility with £50k from its Enterprise Finance Guarantee fund.

If you're a haulage company and would like more information on how we can help fund your business, please call us now on 01756 694933 or use our online form to receive a quote.