Invoice Finance Arranged - Haulier: £200k Invoice Factoring

Another business funded with a factoring facility!

Featured Business:

This client required a factoring facility to help cope with a cashflow gap; to pay staff wages and clear VAT arrears.

They had struggled to access cash from other sources, but we were more than happy to provide this haulage company with the £200k factoring facility they need to help boost their cashflow.

As we’re not owned by a bank, Skipton Business Finance hugely benefits from its ability to be flexible and willing to tailor specific invoice finance solutions around each client’s requirements.

Consequently we are delighted to be able to fund this client and we wish them all the best for the future!

Highest levels of service

Whether a business is a new start-up or a large owner-managed business, we endeavour to provide all our clients with the highest levels of service.

Each client gets their own personal relationship manager at Skipton Business Finance, who will help ensure everything, from the start of your involvement with SBF to the finish, runs smoothly.

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