Invoice Finance Arranged - Engineering Company: £150k CHOCS Facility

Another business funded with an invoice finance facility!

Skipton Business Finance is pleased to reveal the details of another business we have funded with an Invoice Finance facility:

This client, based in West Yorkshire, was in need of a cashflow solution that would help release the cash they have tied up in unpaid invoices, whilst also allowing their credit control function to continue as usual.

With a £250k facility in place, the company can now plan for growth and expansion and really get the business on the front foot again, after a period of uncertainty and frustration.

We’d like to wish our newest client the very best of luck for the future!

Funds available NOW for UK businesses

Skipton Business Finance continues to have funds available to lend through innovative and flexible invoice finance facilities, a position which has always remained unaltered through uncertain economic conditions.

SBF’s Sales & Marketing Director Andy Grantham felt that UK businesses would do well to look at alternative funding solutions, such as factoring and invoice discounting facilities, “Access to funding is still difficult and the Government-backed schemes do not appear to be having as positive an impact at local level as wished for.”

“At Skipton Business Finance, our ethos of supporting local businesses remains at the forefront of our approach and we continue to make essential funds available to local businesses during these difficult times. Our door is very much open for business,” he concluded.

If you'd like to find out more about invoice finance and options such as invoice factoring and invoice discounting, why not browse our website for more information.