Invoice Finance Arranged - Engineering Company: £125k Invoice Discounting

Another business funded with an invoice discounting facility!

Featured Business:

The firm, based in Teesside, required an invoice discounting facility to help release thousands of pounds of cash it had tied up in unpaid invoices.

Now the company can focus their time on growing sales and increasing the profitability of the business.

We look forward to working with our newest client!

Give your Finances a Spring Clean

With the passing of the Spring Equinox now meaning the days are longer than nights, it’s officially Spring time again (despite what recent weather may suggest!)

And why not greet the new season with a review of your current funding facility. Maybe your finances are in need of a Spring Clean in time for the new season?

Questions you could ask of your current funding system include is it working as well as you’d hope? Is it providing you with enough capital? Do other alternatives exist that could better suit your business?

If you’d like to find out more about alternative business finance facilities we’d love to be able to help. Why not give Skipton Business Finance a ring today on 01756 694933, drop us an email at or browse our website for more details on how our facilities work.