Invoice Finance Arranged - Distributor: £100k Invoice Factoring

Another business provided with a bespoke invoice factoring facility!

Skipton Business Finance has provided another new invoice finance facility to an owner-managed business in West Yorkshire:

The small firm had been looking for a business finance solution which would provide enough cash to help fund the acquisition of a competing business, as well as to be able to top up levels of working capital.

A factoring facility set up by Skipton Business Finance will provide the distributor with all the benefits of increased cashflow.

We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with our new client!

Why choose Skipton Business Finance?

We appreciate how difficult it can be for businesses to try and differentiate invoice finance providers from one another. It can seem like a minefield deciding which facility on offer is the best one to help fund your business.

At Skipton Business Finance, we pride ourselves on tailoring bespoke solutions to each and every prospective business that approaches us.

Our highly experienced team make decisions based on the people and the business in question. We never use system-style scorecards or make decisions based on rigid criteria.

And if you choose Skipton Business finance as your invoice finance provider, you’ll also benefit from your very own Relationship Manager to help guide you through your facility and ensure you get access to as much cash as possible.

Make an enquiry with us today and benefit from a free no-obligation quote!