Invoice Finance Arranged - Brewery: £50k Invoice Factoring

Another business funded with a factoring facility!

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The brewery, based in North Yorkshire, had been searching for a facility that would provide them with increased cashflow and help them cater for increasingly late payments from key debtors.

We look forward to building a relationship with our latest client.

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Is there anything you could do to give your business that little bit of extra TLC following Valentine's Day this year? Could increasing your cashflow be just what the doctor ordered to help your business thrive?

With many businesses experiencing slow sales linked to poor retail performances, whilst existing customers take longer and longer to pay, it’s easy to see why some businesses might feel a little unloved in the current climate. Keeping cashflow healthy is a particular challenge for many, which can stunt growth plans and curtail ambition.

However, companies that issue invoices can benefit from invoice finance facilities through alternative funders such as Skipton Business Finance. Our facilities can be used by businesses in many sectors to provide a cashflow facility which grows in line with your business growth.

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