Invoice Finance Arranged - Brewery: £100k CHOCS facility

Another business funded with an invoice finance facility!

Featured Business:

  • Brewery
  • £100k CHOCS facility
  • Provide working capital

The client, based near Bradford, was looking for a facility that could provide a long-term cashflow boost in order to help cope with late payment culture.

We look forward to working with our new client!

Is Invoice Finance right for your business?

In the current tricky economic climate, many businesses may struggle to find a funding solution that meets their own business requirements. Bank loans can prove to be inaccessible whilst overdrafts may not be flexible enough... but is invoice finance suitable for your business?

Put simply, if you're the owner of a small business or SME and you work with other businesses and issue invoices, then there's a good chance it could be a viable solution for you!

We like to make things crystal clear and simple at Skipton Business Finance, so why not give us a call today on 01756 694933 to find out whether invoice finance could work for your business.