When the gloves are off!

There are times in business when things don’t go according to plan and someone lands that sucker punch when you least expect it.

It’s at these critical moments when you need to be sure you can rely on your business partners to get you through.

Whether it’s the need for an urgent delivery from your main supplier, or the need for your key staff to work over a weekend to finish a job, business owners need to know they have the support they require in their corner.

One area often overlooked is their funder. Will they support them when things go wrong or will the computer say “NO”?

At Skipton Business Finance we pride ourselves on being different. The way we operate our Invoice Factoring and Invoice Discounting facilities sets us aside from our competitors.

Being wholly owned by Skipton Building Society, an undoubted mutual institution who has been around for over 160 years, our ethos is to assist local people create wealth and jobs in the region.

Each client has a dedicated Relationship Manager who looks to understand their business and has the ability to make quick sensible decisions.

We appreciate each business is different and look to partner our clients through their ups and downs and help them realise their potential.

A typical example was when one of our clients suffered an £80k bad debt. Not only was this an immediate loss of profit, it was the cash that it sucked out of the business which caused the problem.

Wages and essential suppliers still needed to be paid and they were expecting to use the cash due from their customer. Luckily the client had the confidence to make the call to his Relationship Manager.

We provided an £80k overpayment to be repaid over 12 month to assist them during this period.

This not only solved the immediate problem but also allowed the management time to replace the lost turnover without the need for cost cutting and potential redundancies.

It’s this kind of no nonsense decision making which can make all the difference in a bruising business world.

So why not improve your punching power and have Skipton Business Finance in your corner.

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