FSB call for structural changes to facilitate job creation

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has called on the Chancellor to use next week’s Autumn Statement to instil confidence amongst small businesses and remove barriers that are inhibiting job creation. A variety of measures, which the SBF blog will summarise below, have been proposed that the FSB feel will help to improve the economic situation in the UK, despite major concerns about the eurozone.

Act quickly against youth unemployment

After last week’s much barracked youth unemployment figures were released, the FSB believes it is a key priority to encourage small businesses to get young people into work before they become detached from the labour market.

To prevent such large youth unemployment becoming ‘entrenched’, the not-for-profit organisation feels now is the time to organise a National Insurance Contributions holiday for small businesses.

Simplify tax regimes

As many small business and SME owners will appreciate, complying to tax rules and regulations is a big burden which uses up considerable resources.

Therefore the FSB has suggested the government listen closely to the Office of Tax Simplification’s recommendations on how to simplify the tax regime for small businesses and make the tax system quicker and easier to understand.

Increase competition in banking market

The FSB wants the government to ensure credit easing policies are in line with the requirements of small businesses and start-ups, not just bigger businesses’ interests.

To do this, it feels that there should be increased competition in the banking sector, together with the promotion of alternative and innovative forms of funding (such as invoice finance) for small businesses looking to expand and grow. This would help to break the ‘stranglehold of the big banks’ and free up finance to the lifeblood of the economy, small businesses and SMEs.

Alternative finance solutions with Skipton Business Finance

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