FPB cautiously welcomes new red tape assault

A new government drive on cutting the amount of red tape faced by small businesses has been praise by the Forum of Private Business (FPB), as long as it does release some of the shackles faced by bureaucracy. It was recently announced that more than 3,000 regulations are to be discarded, whilst businesses in the service sector will face fewer health and safety inspections. The FPB is in principle in favour of the latest moves by the government to cut red tape, but warned that similar initiatives that have been implemented over the last few years have done very little. Senior Policy Adviser for the FPB, Alex Jackman, was optimistic that small businesses will see the benefits, “I hope that this latest scheme will actually reduce the bureaucratic burdens to running a business and not simply be more hot air while small business owners are left to foot the bill”. Various research conducted by the FPB over the last few years has shown that small businesses have continued to face major hurdles dealing with unnecessary bureaucratic procedures.