Cut in fuel prices top priority for hauliers

Seeing fuel prices cut remains the top priority of hauliers, a new survey by Commercial Motor has revealed. Of the 200 operators who responded to the motoring magazine’s annual survey, more than eight in 10 said that lower fuel prices would have the biggest positive impact on their industry. Last year’s survey also saw lower fuel prices as the top priority. 46% expressed their concern at the continuing late payment culture and felt something needed to be done. Clamping down on rogue operators and improving the road network and capacity were other important priorities raised by hauliers. The news follows the announcement that the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) is to investigate the way prices are set by the fuel industry, whilst a debate in the House of Commons is due on 20th September about the issue.

Invoice Finance for Transport & Logistics industry

Skipton Business Finance acknowledges just how big a part the transport and logistics industry plays in allowing the UK economy to function. It’s a growing sector which will only prove to become more important in the future as enterprises look to run systems more efficiently and profitably. However, with the ever increasing cost of fuel and late payment culture still heavily ingrained in the UK, keeping cashflow high can prove extremely difficult. Invoice finance solutions, such as invoice factoring and invoice discounting, are used by many hauliers and help to release thousands of pounds worth of cash that often ends up getting locked up in unpaid invoices. Why not check out our specific invoice finance solutions for transports and logistics and see just how Skipton Business Finance could help fund your business.