Businesses advised to plan for winter

Businesses up and down the UK are being urged to prepare contingency plans and measures for the impacts of a cold winter, the Forum of Private Business (FPB) announced yesterday.

With winter already forecasted to be harsh, businesses should remember the impacts of last year, when, according to a YouGov poll, 13% of small businesses were ‘seriously’ affected by the weather. Over a third of respondents experienced at least some issues caused by bad weather.

Problems small businesses had to face last year included employees not being able to reach work when snowfalls and ice impacted journeys, whilst school closures also contributed, as parents had to stay off work at short notice to look after children.

The FPB’s head of campaigns, Jane Bennett warned that businesses should prepare their contingency plans now in advance of the winter months, “Disruptive snowfall hampers deliveries, triggers heating and power failures, and can sometimes mean employees can't get to work.”

At a time when finances may be tight and maximising productivity is even more crucial, businesses should ensure they are well prepared in advance so money is not lost needlessly.