Client Manager has a Facelift!

We're please to announce that Client Manager (CM) has had a facelift! The new system is very much the same as the old system but with a slightly more modern look!

Please take some time to look at a few tweaks below:

Client Unapproved Breakdown

Fixes have been made to the Client Unapproved Breakdown details to correctly show the same balance descriptions for IDD and IDC clients, which previously did not match iFactor descriptions (F5,F15 or the second page of the DBS).

Availability Extra Fields

Several new fields can now be shown if selected in the CM Admin set up:

  • Admin Charge
  • Refer Limit
  • Recourse Period
  • Prepayment Rate
  • Minimum Charge
  • Current Account Balance
  • Due From Client
  • Other Charges

We have chosen to only include the following in the default template for all clients:

  • Refer limit
  • Recourse Period
  • Prepayment rate

If you require any of the other fields to be shown on an individual client basis, this can be chosen via the CM admin site for that specific client. This will be the Relationship Manager/Account Executive’s responsibility to change these if/when required.


The acknowledgements screen has been updated to show extra information for each of the following request types:

  • All Requests - the CM user ID will be displayed for each request made
  • Schedule Files, - When schedules are transmitted to iFactor the ICR number will be included in acknowledgements
  • Payment Requests - All payment requests now show the amount requested and the payment method used

Payment Request Acknowledgment

Client Manager will now provide real-time feedback for pre-payment requests. Once requested, CM will wait for a response back from iFactor before displaying a confirmation message on screen.

Customer Payments Report

This a new daily report. The report will show by debtor all cash receipts for the month. This report has already started to appear in client manager so clients should be familiar with it.


We always welcome any feedback! We would be very grateful if you could email your Relationship Manager with any feedback you may have.