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We listen. We understand. And by developing a company-wide ethos of working together with our clients, we not only help give you access to the funding you need, but we work in partnership with you to help enable your business to grow and reach its potential.

Be a Member. Not a Number

We are part of Skipton Building Society, one of the most trusted building societies in the UK. We share their ethos in that we are very much focussed on understanding our client's business and assisting in creating wealth and jobs, rather than purely for profit.

Local Underwriting by Humans

Our experienced team adopt a commercial approach to underwriting, putting people and business at the forefront of our decision-making process. We never use a system-style scorecard and make each and every funding decision based on the individual merits of the proposal.

Despite having a cutting-edge and modern HQ in Skipton, our local offices house sales, underwriting and after-sales care teams. This means that our clients can enjoy close relationships with our staff form their local office.

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