Why Invoice Finance isn’t just for new businesses

Invoice Finance is a funding option that can be suitable for an array of businesses, whether they be big or small, new or long-established and varying in sector. One assumption about Invoice Finance is that is more suitable for new start-up businesses but there are actually a whole range of reasons as to why Invoice Finance can be perfect for mature businesses too.

Invoice Finance for mature businesses

Invoice Finance, particularly Invoice Discounting, can be hugely beneficial for mature and more established businesses. At Skipton Business Finance, we work with a range of businesses that have been established for many years but who are looking for a flexible funding solution which can seamlessly fit in with the daily running of their business. As Invoice Discounting involves the business maintaining control over customer payments, it means it can be the perfect for businesses with an already-established credit control process in place. Businesses like these may be looking for the benefits of Invoice Finance, such as immediate access to working capital, but are not looking for their provider to manage the credit control for them.

Invoice Discounting can also be beneficial to a business that has long-standing and well-developed relationships with its client and would prefer to remain as the main contact for those customers. For the same reason, Confidential Invoice Finance can be useful for businesses like these as they are able to access all the benefits of an Invoice Factoring or Invoice Discounting facility, without their customers knowing of their involvement with an Invoice Finance provider – so no need for concerns over whether their customers will feel uncomfortable about their funding method.

Invoice Finance to fund a transaction

Invoice Finance is also commonly used to fund business transactions such as Management Buyouts and Acquisitions, a more common occurrence for longer-established business. We have supported a number of MBOs whereby the business was looking for easy access to working capital to complete the transaction as well as a quick and seamless process allowing them to make the change quickly.

Invoice Finance is not limited to any one particular type of business and it is worth noting that every business is different, as are their needs when looking for financing options. This is why, at Skipton Business Finance, we pride ourselves in taking the time to get to know each and every business and offer our expert advice to help each business choose what is most suitable for them.

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