A week in the life of a Regional Director: Paul Bowden

(22nd- 28th July)

Paul Bowden joined Skipton Business Finance in 2014 as a Regional Director and covers Bristol, South west and South Wales. He has been top of the charts in terms of business development three times in the past four years.
“My job is split up into three areas,” said Paul, “Firstly there are the business development meetings with introducers, brokers, accountants and insolvency practitioners. From these I get opportunities and then I am to fit these leads with the right Invoice Finance product and possibly an EFG loan – it’s as simple as that.

Most people think that working in sales within the Invoice Finance sector is all about networking and fun, but there is a lot of work that goes with it. Most weeks consist of a number of meetings and phone calls aiming to gain new business, as well as keeping in contact with those who already have business with us. 

I try not to sit still, often calling up clients or brokers just to touch base and arranging as many meetings as possible. It isn’t a nine-to-five job and a lot of the time I will be up and out early networking or getting home late after a golf day. 

In this job role, no two weeks are the same. In particular, this week was quite unusual. It’s very rare that I would play golf and go to two cricket matches in one week, so it might look like I’m having too much fun!”

Monday morning is the hardest part of the week. No one likes Mondays but it definitely helped that I had a game of golf in the afternoon to look forward to. I spent the morning doing some admin which is probably my least favourite part of the job, but it’s essential to do the paperwork after getting new business. Golf was great as always and not a bad way to start the week. 

In the morning I was in Somerset with a competitor, which meant an early rise as I’m based in Bristol. I then had some introducer meetings in the afternoon with some people we do business with, one of these being an insolvency practitioner. 

Wednesday morning, I had a prospect meeting to discuss an invoice financing facility. They had been with one of our competitors so it was an interesting one. It was quite a long day with me being based in Bristol and the meeting North of London, meaning a lot of driving again.    

I do a lot of business with Lord’s and went to watch the England v Ireland cricket test match which was great. I spent the day entertaining a broker which was lovely. It was that day when it was about one hundred degrees, so hot that we had to take frozen drinks with us. I can’t complain really, at least it didn’t rain. Days like this are quite unusual as I can leave the house at 7:45am and not return home until 9pm. 

I started off Friday with some admin work then met with a new broker for lunch. This was followed by some more admin, and then I took another broker out in the evening to see Glamorgan v Middlesex in the T20 cricket match in Cardiff. I didn’t get home until midnight that night.

I went to an amazing wedding in the evening at a lovely mansion house. It was different as they had magicians, caricature drawings and a sweet shop. I had a good time but I felt quite tired after a busy week so I was looking forward to winding down on Sunday. 

I didn’t do much on Sunday apart from take my cocker spaniel for a walk and ended up walking five miles. My job is very non-stop so it’s good to get some down time. My weekends are usually busier, but after this week it was good to have a relaxed Sunday. Next weekend, however, I have got another T20 cricket match, the Manchester United v AC Milan football match, tennis and a county league cricket match. 

Least favourite part of the week?
I’d have to say admin. As Regional Directors, we want to be out doing what we do best; networking and meeting prospective clients. Any new business we do get has to be reported and written up, which is where the admin comes in. It’s not my favourite part of the week, but it has to be done. 

Most unusual part of the week?
It has to be sitting in 100 degree heat when watching the cricket on Thursday. 

Normally, my week would include a lot more meetings with clients, brokers and prospective clients, so this was an unusual one.

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