Using relationships to build business success

Relationships have always been something that are crucial to businesses, whether it be relationships with customers, suppliers or employees. Though some may argue that larger blue-chip companies achieve business success through their product or name, to establish themselves in this way meant relationships had to be made on the way. Most successful and popular companies have achieved popularity through their customers positive perception of their brand and their company values - but relationships can come in many forms and have a lot of impact on a business’s performance and success.

Building an image for your customers

It is very easy for businesses to be seen as a faceless corporate entity in which customers find hard to connect to and this is often because businesses focus on what they can offer and not always the personal touch. That being said, having a personal connection to your customers is not always a necessity, but can however be beneficial in the customers decision-making process.

When people think of your business, what do they feel? - Is it trust? Reliability? Innovation?
Start by asking yourself this question and then focus on how you can instil this feeling within your business values. If you want your customers to feel things such as trust, loyalty and reliability, developing your customer journey could be your way to achieve this.

Building employee relationships

No business could achieve its success without the people behind the product or service, so why wouldn’t every business want to make sure their relationship with these people is as good as possible? Having happy staff with high morale can really boost the productivity of a business which inevitably leads to building success. Not only will this improve the reputation and morale of the business, your employees are often the face of your business so the attitude of your employees may be noticed by customers. Take time to find out how your staff are doing, whether they are satisfied in their roles and always look for ways that you can build those relationships.

Your relationship with your funding partner

For many customers, having trust in a brand or business can be crucial. This is particularly prominent for customers within the financial services sector. Everyone wants to work with a company that they can trust with their money. Just as an individual would want to trust their bank with their personal account, businesses want to trust their funding partner with their business money. All business owners want to have the security of knowing they will be able to access the funds they need, when they need them. This is why it is important to choose an Invoice Finance provider who is transparent about how your facility will work, how much of your money you will have access to and when you will receive it. Businesses that value trust within their own organisation will understand its importance within their own relationships with customers, suppliers, employees and their funding partner.

With relationships in mind, we know how important trust, reputation and reliability can be for businesses when looking for a funding partner. This is why we pride ourselves in our personal touch to each and every client we work with. We get to know the businesses that we work with and see them as a partner, not a number.

Skipton Business Finance provides businesses with a wide range of Invoice Finance solutions, with the aim of supporting business growth and development.

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