Skipton Business Finance Survey: 87% of businesses feeling optimistic about the future

87% of businesses are feeling optimistic about the future, according to a survey conducted by Skipton Business Finance.

The coronavirus pandemic posed an array of challenges for businesses across the entire UK. With many experiencing closures, furloughing of staff and drastic changes in demand, the general level of business optimism was at a low. Almost all businesses across the UK experienced many challenges and changes when the Coronavirus pandemic began and subsequently the effects that followed. Some of the most prominent challenges were changes to demand, whether an increase or a decrease and this led many businesses to feel unsure about the future. However, now that we are returning to some sort of normality, are businesses starting to feel more optimistic about the future?

We wanted to gain a better insight into how businesses are feeling about the future, following the challenges brought by the pandemic. To do this, we asked our clients how they were feeling about the future of their businesses. The survey involved businesses from varied sectors including manufacturing, engineering, logistics, printing, recruitment and other specialised services.

Of all respondents, a huge 87% said that they were feeling optimistic about the future, particularly when considering the last 18 months. This result presents an increase from 83% of respondents feeling optimistic in January, when asked the same question.

Additionally, when asked what percentage they forecast their sales to increase, the responses showed an average 41% predicted increase in sales in the next 12 months. This is a very positive result suggesting that businesses are feeling hopeful for the future following a recovery as Covid restrictions eased.

At Skipton Business Finance we are proud to have continued supporting business through these challenging times and to see that so many of our clients are feeling confident about the future.

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