Should I use a Confidential Invoice Finance facility to fund my business?

Invoice Finance is generally used by businesses to bridge a cashflow gap and to allow the smooth running of a business without the worry of late customer payments. Business owners can often feel nervous when thinking about having an Invoice Finance facility due to the following common misconceptions surrounding the funding option.

“They’re going to hound my customers for payments”

A common concern surrounding Invoice Finance is that customers are going to be hounded or pestered for payments. At Skipton Business Finance, we’re passionate about credit control and have a wealth of experience in ensuring our client invoices are amongst the first to be paid each month. We believe that successful credit control is more about relationship building and understanding individual customer payment cycles. However, if you are worried about your customers being chased, you can opt for Invoice Discounting. With this product, you remain in control of collecting payments from your customers, as oppose to your funder doing it for you. This is a great option for businesses that prefer to be in control of how their invoices are collected.

“Everyone is going to know that I needed funding”

If you’d prefer your customers not know about your Invoice Finance facility, that isn’t a problem. You can opt for confidential Factoring or Discounting. This means that your customers will not be aware that you have an Invoice Finance facility in place.

At Skipton Business Finance, we understand that not every business will feel comfortable disclosing the fact that they have an invoice finance facility. Our Invoice Discounting solution boasts all the benefits of an Invoice Factoring facility however you maintain responsibility of your credit control. This is why we created our award-winning My White Label product. With this facility, every point of contact we have with your customers is undertaken professionally and confidentially using your company’s name, brand and logo at all times. Your customers will never be aware that you are working with us.

Invoice Finance doesn’t have to be scary and you don’t need to worry about your customers knowing, if you are not comfortable disclosing your facility with them. We are more than happy to help you find a suitable funding option for your business.

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