Invoice Finance

Invoice Finance: Our good to know guide

With the introduction of the government-backed loan schemes such as BBLS and CBILS, many business owners may find themselves faced with the idea of alternative lending alongside these schemes. At Skipton Business Finance, we specialise in providing cashflow solutions to UK businesses through our Invoice Finance products.

So what is Invoice Finance?

It's time to calm your cashflow

In the busy world of business, many business owners find it hard to stay calm when things don’t run smoothly. One of the biggest stressors for businesses is maintaining a healthy cashflow and so late payments, in particular, can cause a lot of hassle when running a business.

Having a healthy cashflow is vital for any business, so wouldn’t it be great to have a solution which allows you to carry on your business as usual with no worries of cashflow restraints?

The good news is, Invoice Finance could be your perfect solution.

Six common Invoice Finance myths explained

If you have never used Invoice Finance before, you have probably heard some common and consistent themes about the funding solution. It is important that businesses have a clear perception of the funding options available to them which is why we decided to explain some of the common myths of Invoice Finance. 

Invoice Finance is only for struggling businesses