UK economy slows in July with growth at 0.1%

After six successive months of economic growth following the pandemic, in July the growth had slowed to 0.1%, compared with 1.0% in the previous month.

The reopening of the arts and entertainment sector is thought to have contributed to the ongoing growth however an increase people being ‘pinged’ to self-isolate has kept many in their homes.

Changes to the Finance Act 2020 and the potential impact on borrowers

You will no doubt be aware that as of 1st December 2020, HMRC has once again become a preferential creditor in company insolvency cases.

What does this mean in practical terms?

When a business enters into insolvency, HMRC will now rank ahead of floating charge holders and unsecured creditors and will be paid first for VAT, PAYE, employee NIC’s and Construction Industry Scheme deductions.