Job vacancies continue to rise in lead up to Christmas, with '3.5million active job ads'

According to new data from the Recruitment and Employment Federation (REC), the number of active job vacancies has continued to rise. Hitting a new high during the build up to the Christmas period, the date showed 210,000 new jobs posted in the week of 22-28 November. In addition to this, in the same week, there was reported to be 3.51million active job adverts – an increase in over 500,000 (16%) since the end of October.

UK economy slows in July with growth at 0.1%

After six successive months of economic growth following the pandemic, in July the growth had slowed to 0.1%, compared with 1.0% in the previous month.

The reopening of the arts and entertainment sector is thought to have contributed to the ongoing growth however an increase people being ‘pinged’ to self-isolate has kept many in their homes.