How can I protect myself against Coronavirus?

The ongoing lockdown may be causing you to feel anxious and overwhelmed, especially regarding keeping yourself and your loved ones safe against the virus. We have put together a small guide on how to keep yourself protected.


Know what symptoms to look out for

As COVID 19 is a virus that affects the lungs, the main symptoms are reported to be a fever or dry cough, which can also lead to breathing problems.

Working from home and keeping it time-effective

A great deal of us will have found ourselves working from home for the past week and though some might see that as a positive, most of us will struggle to maintain the same efficiency that we would have in the office. You may be finding it difficult to concentrate with new distractions whether it be a needy pet, uncomfortable desk or even just low morale. It’s important to make sure that your morale is prioritised as this can have detrimental effect on your work and, more importantly, your mood. 

Take regular breaks