Fraud Awareness Week: Keeping safe against scams

There are always scams circulating online, whereby scammers will attempt to gain access to personal information or money by targeting individuals or businesses with fraudulent communications. The two main ways that this is achieved is through online scams and payment fraud. With the COVID-19 pandemic came many new ways that scammers are attempting to commit fraud. Unfortunately, businesses in need are being targeted, with scammers offering money whilst claiming to be compensation, or sending fraudulent links to these business owners.

Unemployment at highest rate in three years

As the effects of the pandemic continue, the rate of unemployment has non-surprisingly continued to increase at a rapid rate. The rate grew to 4.5% in three months to August compared with 2.1% in the preceding quarter, making it the highest level of unemployment in over three years. The number of redundancies has also seen a surge, seeing their highest level since 2009 according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Bounce Back Loan supports investment for Droitwich printing business

Printing company, The Droitwich Sign & Print Co, found themselves amongst those affected by the ongoing pandemic. Along with many businesses, the printing specialists saw fluctuating changes in demand when the lockdown began as well as throughout. The business experienced a slow down in orders when the country first went into lockdown, with many customers nervous to make new orders. Though there was shortened demand, Droitwich Sign & Print Co continued to work hard throughout the lockdown.