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Why Invoice Finance isn’t just for new businesses

Invoice Finance is a funding option that can be suitable for an array of businesses, whether they be big or small, new or long-established and varying in sector. One assumption about Invoice Finance is that is more suitable for new start-up businesses but there are actually a whole range of reasons as to why Invoice Finance can be perfect for mature businesses too.

Invoice Finance for mature businesses

Using relationships to build business success

Relationships have always been something that are crucial to businesses, whether it be relationships with customers, suppliers or employees. Though some may argue that larger blue-chip companies achieve business success through their product or name, to establish themselves in this way meant relationships had to be made on the way. Most successful and popular companies have achieved popularity through their customers positive perception of their brand and their company values - but relationships can come in many forms and have a lot of impact on a business’s performance and success.

Should I use a Confidential Invoice Finance facility to fund my business?

Invoice Finance is generally used by businesses to bridge a cashflow gap and to allow the smooth running of a business without the worry of late customer payments. Business owners can often feel nervous when thinking about having an Invoice Finance facility due to the following common misconceptions surrounding the funding option.

“They’re going to hound my customers for payments”

Future-proofing your business to prepare for change

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that life can throw anything our way, no matter how prepared we think we are. The Coronavirus pandemic threw the world of business into disarray, with almost every business being forced to change the way that they work. Though the last 18 months have been an extremely difficult, many of the UK’s businesses continue to power on and recover, proving it is not impossible to survive when the unexpected happens.

Choosing Your Invoice Finance Provider

With an abundance of Invoice Finance providers out in the marketplace, ranging from large bank-owned machines to small, niche providers, it is crucial that business owners make the right choice of provider for their business.

Whilst the products can appear to be very similar the delivery of the service varies greatly and can be critical to the success of a business.