Government launches 'Get Ready' Brexit campaign

The government has launched an information campaign urging the public to ‘get ready’ for Brexit. The campaign launched on Sunday, beginning with the introduction of the website.

The tax-payer funded campaign is said to rack up costs of up to £100m and will include billboards, social media adverts and TV adverts in the upcoming weeks. 

British citizens who plan to travel to Europe as well as businesses who export to the EU are among the number of groups targeted by the campaign.

Pressure on Print: What does Brexit mean for the printing industry?

As with all industries, the fear and uncertainty of a no-deal Brexit is constantly tapping businesses on the shoulder. Every industry may face an independent Brexit-related issue of their own, however issues have come to light particularly for the UK printing industry following recently released data. 

Much like manufacturing and haulage companies, UK printing businesses face supply uncertainties following a potential no-deal Brexit. In particular, ink and paper supplies are at the top of these companies’ concerns when determining future trading.