Architectural Powder Coatings: Supporting the journey to success

Architectural Powder Coatings (APC) is a manufacturing business which specialises in metal powder coating. Based in Newcastle, APC has worked on projects across the region, priding themselves in a high-quality and industry-leading service. The business was set up in 2002, providing businesses with top of the range powder-coated aluminium products.

The business is now run by Craig Johnson and Gary Dent, who have worked within the business for a number of years before deciding to buy the business out from the previous owner. In 2018, Craig and Gary approached Skipton Business Finance when they were looking to complete a management buyout (MBO) and Skipton was happy to provide them with a Confidential Invoice Discounting facility.

Over their partnership with Skipton Business Finance, APC has seen success after success. The business’s turnover increased from £1.8m to £2.3m within 12 months.

Gary Dent, Director at APC, said: “Myself and my colleague Craig were invited to take over a management buyout back in 2018 and we did everything we could in our power to make it happen,”

“It took a lot of work to get it over the line but, with the help of Skipton, we managed to get the deal done.”

The business benefited from a Confidential Invoice Discounting facility which allowed them to initially complete the management buyout and subsequently allowed them to manage their cashflow and in turn increase their turnover.

Craig Johnson, Director at APC, said: “Invoice Finance was perfect for us because we have many customers on 30 day and 60 day accounts,”

“It helps us smooth our cashflow and we can see what position we are in at any given point.”

Supporting the journey

The business anticipated their partnership with Skipton Business Finance having a longer duration however, after their brilliant success over the last two years, their partnership with Skipton Business Finance has now come to an end. We are very proud to have seen the success of APC over the years and to have been able to support them in their business journey. We are always sad to see a client leave but we are always pleased to know that our service has helped them to achieve their goals.

At Skipton Business Finance, we support the whole business journey. We love to share our client success stories and showcase some of the brilliant businesses that we work with. If you’d like to hear more stories like APC’s, head over to our Funding Stories page.

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