Invoice Discounting or a Bank Overdraft ?

Bank overdrafts serve businesses well - that is a fact. 

However, as much as they serve businesses well, it's also a well known fact that the main problem with a traditional banking overdraft is that it is repayable on demand and can be withdrawn at anytime. The limit is usually fixed and, should more be required, you generally have to go through the whole application process again.

Now wouldn't it be nice if you could just phone up your Account Manager, explain why you need more funds, and get it authorised there and then?

With Invoice Discounting, this is a possibility. 


What is Invoice Discounting?

Invoice Discounting is a form of Invoice Finance which allows you to immediately release cash tied up in unpaid invoices, allowing you to put cash straight back in the business as soon as it has been earned. 

With Invoice Discounting from Skipton Business Finance, this is actually possible.

  • All of our clients get access to a Relationship Manager who will understand you and how your business operates
  • Invoice Discounting can provide you more cash than an overdraft
  • An Invoice Discounting solution will grow with your business
  • There is no need to put up your home as security
  • Unlike Invoice Factoring, you retain full control of credit management

Invoice Discounting is safer and more flexible

Invoice Discounting provides a much safer and more flexible funding solution for many businesses simply by providing certainty of contract (i.e. not repayable on demand) and increased funding linked to sales and not the historic financial performance.

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Invoice Discounting is generally available for businesses that turnover more than £250k, however we are happy to look at businesses that turnover less. 

Backed by Skipton Building Society, one of the largest financial establishments in the UK, means we have funds ready to lend to businesses up and down the country.

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At Skipton Business Finance, we offer the following types of Invoice Finance:

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