Understanding Invoice Finance

What is the difference between Invoice Discounting and Invoice Factoring?

It’s time to cut through the jargon. Skipton Business Finance helps to explain the difference between the two main types of Invoice Finance, for those who are new to Invoice Finance.

At Skipton Business Finance, we’ve been supporting SMEs with our funding solutions for nearly two decades now.  

We’re proud of what we do. We live and breathe it. But that means we’re so used to talking about Invoice Finance, we forget that not everyone talks Invoice Finance.

So, we would like to help - with a bit of jargon busting!

What is Discounting? - 10 Phrases to Help Understand Invoice Discounting

Finding yourself tripping over Invoice Finance terminology and need a clear explanation? Don’t worry, Skipton Business Finance is here to help.

In the world of Invoice Finance we use lots of technical terminology when it comes to describing the process. But although the jargon maybe unusual, everything that it specifies will be very familiar to you.