How Your Company Grows is Your Decision, Here’s Why

There’s a lot of pressure for business owners to keep growing and growing their companies. Here’s a convincing reason why no one decides how you grow.

We love hearing SME stories of year-on-year growth - especially when we have been able to help clients achieve this goal.

We understand that each business will have its own unique goals.

The pressure to keep growing for growth’s sake

Sadly, businesses are pressured to keep growing often for growth’s sake. They are made to feel like failures for not wanting to “get too big”.

Can you teach a new dog old tricks?

Is the practice of business finance too old fashioned for energetic start-up leaders? Or can new SME leaders learn the tricks of the trade that make companies profitable? At Skipton Business Finance, we believe they can.

For a long time the world believed that “you couldn’t teach an old dog new tricks”, meaning an incumbent would always be stuck in its ways and unable to change.