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Invoice Finance Arranged - Haulier: £250k Factoring

At Skipton Business Finance, we take great pride in harnessing two-way relationships with our clients.

Consequently we developed an industry-leading referral scheme in 2012, which rewards clients for recommending other SMEs that could benefit from an invoice finance facility.

Invoice Finance Arranged - Marketing Agency: £50k Factoring

Here at Skipton Business Finance, we take great pride in constructing invoice finance facilities that are adapted to each business' individual needs.

Below are the details of the latest company we've funded with a specialised factoring facility:

Invoice Finance Arranged - Bark Supplier: £150k Factoring

Featured Business: Bark Supplier £150k invoice factoring facility Viable alternative to bank facility

The bark supplier, based in the North West, had recently been turned down for a bank facility due to not having a long enough credit history.

Fortunately they learned about invoice finance and how such solutions as invoice factoring can prove very effective at unlocking the cashflow of SMEs that issue invoices.