New Business

Invoice Finance Arranged - Packaging Company: £40k Invoice Factoring

Skipton Business Finance is always delighted to be able to take a look at businesses who have been turned down by traditional financial providers, such as the banks, and see if we can help them with an alternative invoice finance solution.

Our flexibility and willingness to help many different types of business means we find a lot of our clients will have transferred from other finance providers to ourselves to benefit from our different ethos and attitude to providing funding.

Invoice Finance Arranged - Brewery: £100k CHOCS facility

Featured Business: Brewery £100k CHOCS facility Provide working capital

The client, based near Bradford, was looking for a facility that could provide a long-term cashflow boost in order to help cope with late payment culture.

We look forward to working with our new client!

Invoice Finance Arranged - Printer: £350k Invoice Factoring

Skipton Business Finance differs from many other finance providers in that we are entirely independent. We are not run by a bank and therefore can afford to be flexible with the solutions we offer.

This means our facilities can be tailored to fit with your requirements... do you have an existing finance facility that isn't suitable to your business any more? In cases like this, we often find we are able to assist in paying off existing finance facilities before a business switches to one of our flexible invoice finance solutions.