New Business

Invoice Finance Arranged - Manufacturer: £150k CHOCS Facility

We are delighted to announce the details of a client, which we’ve funded with a £150k CHOCS facility to assist a management buy-out:

Tool fittings manufacturer £150k CHOCS facility Finance required for Management Buy-Out (MBO)

The client required a £150k Client Handles Own Collections Service (CHOCS) facility to provide finance for a previous director to buy the company outright.

Invoice Finance Arranged - Car Recovery: £200k Invoice Discounting Facility

Featured Business: Car Recovery £200k disclosed invoice discounting facility New Start

This is a new-start business requiring cashflow to help give it the best start possible in its business life and really get it up and running.

The £200k invoice discounting facility will provide the company with quick and easy finance upfront for its invoices, so they don't have to wait weeks or even months for their first inflows of cash.

Invoice Finance Arranged - Haulier: £20k Factoring Facility

Featured Business: Haulier £20k Invoice Factoring facility Increase business cashflow

The client required an Invoice Factoring Solution to help increase the levels of cashflow in the business as well as provide a fully-operational credit control for the business.

They had previously struggled to access any sort of external funding for the business due to its relatively small size and lack of credit history.