New Business

Invoice Finance Arranged - Survey Services: £150k CHOCS Facility

Featured Business: Survey services £150k Confidential CHOCS Facility Facilitate increased cashflow

This client required a confidential CHOCs facility as they already have an established credit control team in place.

With a £150k invoice finance facility in place, growth and expansion plans can now be put into motion to really get the business on the front foot.

We’d like to wish our newest client the very best for the future!

Invoice Finance Arranged - Engineer: £75k Invoice Factoring

Featured Business: Engineer £75k invoice factoring facility Referred to us by existing client

This client needed a £75k full invoice factoring service to increase their cashflow. With invoice finance at their side, they now benefit from both quick and easy access to cash as well as a full credit control facility provided by SBF’s expert staff.

We’d like to wish a warm welcome to our newest client!