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Invoice Finance Arranged - Distribution Company: £50k Factoring Facility

In over ten years, we have funded a range of different distribution companies throughout the UK in a variety of different ways and given access to finance through flexible invoice factoring and invoice discounting.

Invoice factoring and invoice discounting facilities are essential for distributors and helps businesses manage day-to-day cashflow, up-front fuel costs and generate new business.

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Halloween is round the corner, but don’t let your overdraft renewal turn into a real nightmare!

There still remains a good deal of bluster in the media about banks not supporting new lending propositions and businesses not being able to gain access to much needed finance.

Whilst some may argue the banks have now opened their doors for new business once again, the reality for the customer may be somewhat different with the terms now being tightened much more in favor of the bank. This could mean increased pricing and/or increased personal security being required.

Are your suppliers about to throw your business on the bonfire?

With the year end fast approaching, so looms the spectra of having to file last year's accounts.

Many SMEs may not have considered potential problems if they are about to file a less than impressive set of figures, with many assuming everyone is in the same boat.

Cashflow Survival - What Every Director Should Know

At this current moment in time, the old adage “Sales is vanity, profit is sanity but cash is king” is probably more appropriate now than at any other time. Directors of SME’s throughout the UK really need to focus on the visibility of their cash position.

Businesses don’t go bust because they make losses, they go bust because they run out of cash and so it is essential that directors keep their eyes firmly on their cashflow.

2011 ABFA report shows increasing value of invoice finance

The Asset Based Finance Association's (ABFA) annual report for 2011 has indicated how invoice finance is continuing to prove a vital source of external funding for UK enterprises.

Almost £250 billion worth of cash was funded to businesses across the UK throughout 2011, a rise of 7.6% on 2010.

Invoice discounting facilities continued to prove the most popular in terms of client numbers, with 17,695 companies benefitting from more than £200 billion in advances, an increase on 14% from last year.