Invoice Discounting

What is Discounting? - 10 Phrases to Help Understand Invoice Discounting

Finding yourself tripping over Invoice Finance terminology and need a clear explanation? Don’t worry, Skipton Business Finance is here to help.

In the world of Invoice Finance we use lots of technical terminology when it comes to describing the process. But although the jargon maybe unusual, everything that it specifies will be very familiar to you.

5 Types of Small Business That Love Invoice Finance

We love SMEs. There, we said it. We know it’s cheesy but it’s true.

Small businesses and invoice financiers are good for each other - you’re good at delivering and creating wonderful things for other businesses of the world. We’re good at financially supporting you while you do more.

We love working with SMEs of many kinds. But there are some types that we make very good partners with:

Here is How Smart Business Owners Chose an Invoice Finance Provider

How do smart business leaders make strategic decisions? By asking smart questions. So, here are 5 smart questions to ask when choosing an invoice finance provider.

From the large banks to the small specialists, you are a spoilt for choice when it comes to invoice finance providers out there. This means it’s often hard to tell how each provider is ‘different’.

So, how do you decide which invoice finance provider is the right one for you?

Well, we could cut this short and just say us.

But that would be insulting, of course.

Halloween is round the corner, but don’t let your overdraft renewal turn into a real nightmare!

There still remains a good deal of bluster in the media about banks not supporting new lending propositions and businesses not being able to gain access to much needed finance.

Whilst some may argue the banks have now opened their doors for new business once again, the reality for the customer may be somewhat different with the terms now being tightened much more in favor of the bank. This could mean increased pricing and/or increased personal security being required.