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How Real-Time PAYE has affected SMEs

How Real-Time PAYE has affected SMEs

About 6 years ago the Government changed the rules for companies reporting PAYE information.

Since 6 April 2013, companies have had to follow a mandatory process called Real Time Information (RTI), which sounds like an episode of 24 with Jack Bauer stuck on the line to HMRC.

Instead, this meant that SMEs had to update their payroll software so it would immediately inform HMRC of their employees pay and deductions each time they paid their wages.

Why did the Government do this?

3 Things Great Directors Do to Ensure Financial Success

When company directors do these three simple things they’re more likely to balance the books and keep business booming for the long term.

As well as running the day-to-day activities of a business, a company director has to keep an eye on the finances.

So, here are 3 things that successful directors do to help long-term success:

1 - They 'get' how to measure financial success