Andrew Grantham

New Year Resolutions

I gave up on New Years Resolutions years and years ago, as none have ever been kept passed the 4th January!

Many people start the year with such good intentions to do something differently and change their life for the good. But how many do the same for their businesses?

Whilst some of us will wake up from our Christmas lunch-induced slumber, half way through a James Bond film, with one bleary eye on the last remaining mince pie and “the diet will start next week” grin... how many of us actually take stock of our businesses during this period?

Invoice Finance versus a Bank Overdraft

Over the last few years there has been a marked change in the stance of banks and their lending criteria, particularly for overdrafts. This has been driven by the economic climate and also changes in legislation which have eroded elements of the security value of the traditional mortgage debenture.

This has allowed the invoice finance market to step in and fill some of the vacuum. In order to compare the two we need to understand how an overdraft is viewed these days from both the perspective of the bank and its clients.