Andrew Grantham

Survival of the fittest? Not in the business world!

It was philosopher Herbert Spencer who coined the phrase ‘survival of the fittest’ more than 140 years ago after reading Darwin’s book on natural selection, a mantra which has proven very popular with Business Gurus advising the UK’s hard-working enterprises during the current economic climate.

The clever companies will have already improved their fitness levels by trimming costs to the bone, cutting their workforce to skeletal levels and reviewing every aspect of the business model in search of further ways to cut costs.

Management Buy-Outs - Dos and Don'ts

Whether it’s management teams being buoyed by a renewed optimism in their future or jaded vendors having a more realistic opinion of the value of their business, Skipton Business Finance has seen an increase in corporate business finance transactions over the first half of 2012.

Championing the cause of UK manufacturing

With approximately a quarter of our factoring and invoice discounting clients being based in the manufacturing industry, Skipton Business Finance like to champion the cause of hard-working manufacturers.

The sector has had it pretty tough in recent years, as energy and material costs have increased, profit margins have been put under pressure and a weakening global economy has severely impacted on exports and output levels.

Should the Invoice Finance community support Phoenix Businesses?

In many circles, insolvency and the process of pre-packed administrations, or phoenix businesses, are seen as dirty words. They can even be viewed as slightly dodgy procedures, hell-bent on shafting the poor suppliers and causing damage to rival businesses.

Many of the major banks tend to distance themselves from phoenixes coming out of the other end of an insolvency process on the grounds of reputational risk. This is fully understandable.

Can Invoice Finance Work for Your Business?

Cashflow is the heartbeat of any business and the way you fund your business is a big decision and one that can be catastrophic if you get it wrong.

With many High Street Banks having tightened their credit policies and being unwilling or unable to support many small and medium sized businesses through these difficult times, it’s not surprising that more and more businesses are turning to alternative sources of finance.