Andrew Grantham

Invoice Finance: Not As Expensive As You Think?

Recent surveys have suggested that access to traditional banking facilities remains tricky for UK enterprises despite the improving economic conditions. Together with the fact that costs are escalating for the lucky ones who can secure an overdraft, it’s not really surprising that more entrepreneurs and small business owners are considering alternative ways to fund their businesses.

Give your business a cashflow injection before it catches a cold!

Happy New Year to everyone! I hope 2014 is a good one for you.

Winter is now in full swing and many businesses may have started the post-Christmas period feeling a little under the weather.

With expensive annual tax bills to pay and quarterly rent bills to settle, coupled with having just come through the quietest period of trading during December, it’s easy to see why many businesses have entered the New Year coughing and spluttering!

Funding New Starts – Supporting the Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs really are the lifeblood of the UK economy, spending vast amounts of money growing their businesses and accounting for approximately 90% of all job creation.

But during a sustained tough economic period, they are often the ones who suffer the most, with austerity measures, inflation and weakening consumer confidence all putting serious pressure on margins and profitability.

Cashflow Survival - What Every Director Should Know

At this current moment in time, the old adage “Sales is vanity, profit is sanity but cash is king” is probably more appropriate now than at any other time. Directors of SME’s throughout the UK really need to focus on the visibility of their cash position.

Businesses don’t go bust because they make losses, they go bust because they run out of cash and so it is essential that directors keep their eyes firmly on their cashflow.

The SBF Factor - Supporting Clients Through Difficult Times

Many businesses have suffered over the last few years through lack of available funding from traditional sources such as the high street banks at the time when they needed it most.

At SBF we have continued to lend, and grow both our client base and lending book with our “open for business” policy.