Andrew Grantham

What if all customers paid within 24 hours?

In an ideal world, all customers would pay for goods or services as they take them and cashflow would not be a problem for businesses. Money would flow through the various business channels, the sun would always shine and we’d live in a never-ending boom!

Unfortunately, in today’s highly-competitive corporate world, it’s not that easy, with customers demanding 30, 60 and even 90 day credit terms.

Businesses still face the perennial requirement to pay wages and suppliers, whilst waiting for the cash from their own customers to come in.

Best time to plant a tree? As soon as possible!

Legend has it that the best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago, the second best time is now. It’s an old Chinese proverb, but it rings true especially in today’s turbulent financial markets. Let me explain why below.

Most businesses in the current climate have been negatively impacted by the difficult economic conditions, whilst the majority will have suffered from poor trading in comparison to previous years.

Are your suppliers about to throw your business on the bonfire?

With the year end fast approaching, so looms the spectra of having to file last year's accounts.

Many SMEs may not have considered potential problems if they are about to file a less than impressive set of figures, with many assuming everyone is in the same boat.

Is your business feeling unloved?

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and whilst many of us will have remembered to buy our better halves a card and flowers or arrange a romantic dinner, how many will have taken the time to give their business a little cuddle?

With many businesses still struggling with existing customers taking longer to pay, not to mention increasing bad debts, it’s easy to see how these businesses might feel a little neglected right now.